Submissions for The McNeese Review Online are now open. During the academic year we accept submissions on a rolling basis. Because of the medium, these pieces tend to be shorter (prose, for instance, up to about 1,000 words max). McNeese Review Online accepts submissions in the following categories:

 [of books, especially those underrepresented in the media] 
Interviews [mostly of writers, poets, publishers, creative writing teachers, et al] 
Rec Room [where writers and poets recommend other artists] 
Louisiana [and the Gulf region]

(Please specify category in your cover letter.)

We’ll consider re-posting quality work posted or published elsewhere. If we take it first we only ask for a 30-day head start before you publish it again.

Payment in all cases will be the satisfying glow of a job well done, our eternal admiration, and as wide and growing an audience as we can provide.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Work submitted through this category (McNeese Review Online) will only be considered for publication in The McNeese Review's website. Work in this category will not be considered for The McNeese Review print journal. 

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