We apologize for the inconvenience, but we've reached our submissions limit, so we're having to close this year's print submissions earlier than normal. We'll be re-opening for submissions to Boudin, our online home, on December 1.

The McNeese Review welcomes submissions of fiction and poetry for our annual print issue from July 15-November 30.

See individual genres for specific guidelines. 

Contributors to the print edition receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears and a $50 honorarium. Contributors can also purchase additional copies of the journal for a reduced price.

 Boudin is hard to define. It’s got a sausage’s skin but the insides are all its own: a blend of rice, meat and spices unique to the one who made it. That blend is a closely guarded secret for the boudin maker—every war has been fought for less. What we’re looking for, at Boudin, is that unique mix in writing. We might not know exactly what it is or why we like it but we do know we like it. If you’re writing it, we want to read it. And we want others to read it too. 

For Boudin, we're interested in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, interviews, reviews, cultural criticism, craft or pedagogy essays, and really any other kind of writing. We also accept submissions of visual art and hybrid work of all sorts. Boudin's eclectic, so send us whatever you've got!

Our current issue, #55 (2018), is $15. Contributors may purchase additional copies of the issue in which their work appears for $10.


Back issues available for order:

Issue 54 (2017) - $10

Issue 53 (2016) - $10

Issue 52 (2014) - $10

Issue 49 (2011) - $10

All back issues are $10. Contributors can purchase additional copies of the issue in which their work appears for $5. 

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